It's not about where you're from or even who you are; it's about how you deliver

Lead times for cabinets range from 3-1/2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the level of customization required for your design and which cabinet line you choose. Before we receive your cabinets, we’ll contact you to schedule a day to deliver your cabinets.  Cabinets are usually delivered the day before your installation by our courteous and professional delivery staff.

Installation usually take 2-3 days at most, but may vary based on the level of difficulty of your design.  We generally make a return trip after your countertops are installed to complete any last touch-ups or punch work required to complete the job.  Our skilled installers each have years of experience installing cabinets for us, and they are well-versed in overcoming obstacles that may not have been seen before your original cabinets were removed. We pride ourselves on the quality of our installers’ work, and like you, we expect nothing but the best for your installation.


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